Criminal Law


Our Vancouver and Surrey lawyers can assist anyone charged with a crime in British Columbia.

We can assist you if you are charged with the following offences:

Aggravated Assault  

Assault (Domestic)  

Assault (Sexual)

Assault with a weapon  

Break and enter 

Criminal Harassment

Drug related offences 


Firearms related offences 

Forcible confinement 

Mischief causing damage to property  

Motor vehicle related offences including prohibitions

Obstruction of a peace officer 



Uttering Threats 


Representation in front of the Parole Board for record suspension/ pardon applications

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The Criminal Code has defined assault in such a manner that any physical contact without consent is enough to satisfy ...


The offence of extortion has a broad definition and can cover a wide range of conduct. Section 346(1) of the ...


The offence of mischief is found under section 430 of the Criminal Code. Mischief refers to the intentional damage or ...

Breaking and Entering

Breaking and entering is an offence when someone breaks and enters into a place with the intent to commit an ...

Firearm and Weapon Offences

There are a wide range of firearm and weapon offences in the Criminal Code. These offences begin at section 85 ...


Theft occurs when someone intentionally takes something that does not belong to them and does so without the consent of ...

Uttering Threats

Uttering threats can be found under section 264.1(1) of the Criminal Code. A charge of uttering threats can be made ...


Robbery is defined under section 343 of the Criminal Code.  Section 343 reads as follows: Every one commits robbery who ...

Drug Offences

Drug offences can be found under the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act (CDSA) and are prosecuted by the Federal Crown ...

Sexual Assault

Most people tend to associate a sexual assault charge with rape by a stranger in a random attack. However, much ...

Criminal Harrasment

Criminal harassment, better known as stalking, is an offence in Canada and carries a maximum penalty of 10 years in ...

Driving Prohibitions

The Motor Vehicle Act regulates the operation of motor vehicles in British Columbia. RoadSafetyBC is a branch of the Ministry of Public ...

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In a Post-Pandemic Era, is Coughing on Someone an Assault?

Does coughing on a person constitute an assault under the Criminal Code? Alberta’s provincial court has ruled that it does in R. v. Pruden, 2021 ABPC 266. Mr. Pruden was found guilty in relation to an incident that occurred inside ...
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