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Areas Of Focus

Getting a divorce can be a difficult and stressful time. Whether your divorce is contested or uncontested, the lawyers at Jiwa Law Corporation can help you at each stage of this process. We offer experienced legal representation both inside and outside the courtroom.

Some spouses may be presented with a marriage agreement, cohabitation agreement, or separation agreement. It is important to obtain independent legal advice to help understand your legal rights and how these rights may be affected by the terms of the agreement.

Disagreements are common when dividing property. It is not always easy to determine what property should or should not be included, the valuation of some property, or whether it is fair to divide certain assets or debts equally. Some property is not easy to divide and creative solutions are required.

We understand that custody and parenting plans can get complicated, stressful, and frustrating. Our Surrey law office can walk you through the process and ensure your child’s best interests are protected.

Whether you are entering a new spousal relationship, or have separated from your partner, it is always a good idea to consult an experienced family law attorney to help you understand your legal rights.

Issues surrounding entitlement, amount, and duration of spousal support can be a grey area. A number of factual considerations are involved that may be unique to each relationship. Jiwa Law Corporation will help you exercise a great deal of discretion on these applications.

It is recommended that you consult a lawyer before engaging in an arbitration or a mediation. The lawyers a Jiwa Law Corporation are experienced litigators and can help you decide whether an arbitration or a mediation is a strategic option. If so, we will advocate for your best interests throughout the process.

Deciding to adopt is a major milestone for any parent. At Jiwa Law Corporation, we understand that adoption can be a complicated process and you may be facing a whirlwind of emotions. Our lawyers will walk you through the steps so you can focus on your future family.

Issues arise if parents disagree on how child support should be calculated, what the parenting arrangements should be, or if one parent is unable or refuses to pay their child support. At Jiwa Law Corporation, our family lawyers are highly experienced and can guide you through the calculations, obtain financial information from the other parent, and fight for your child’s best interests both in and out of the courtroom.

A divorce order terminates a valid marriage. In some cases, partners can apply to the BC Supreme Court to have an invalid marriage annulled – meaning the marriage never existed in the first place. It is important to consult a lawyer regarding your legal rights in this matter.

Going through a separation with your spouse can be a difficult and stressful time. You may wish to consult an experienced family law lawyer to help you prepare and provide assistance at the various stages.


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