Business Incorporations

Our business lawyers have assisted many clients start and grow their business. Let us help you reap the benefits of incorporating your business.

Benefits of Incorporation:

  • Limited liability – this allows a separation between your personal and business obligations
  • Tax advantages – you can benefit from a lot of tax advantages such as deferring taxes, splitting business income, preferential income tax treatments and more
  • Capital – raising capital for the business can be easier than other business structures
  • Transferring Shares – as a shareholder, you can transfer your shares, which can occur easily
  • Immortality – the company can continue to exist without shareholders for some time and even if the shareholders change
  • Separate legal entity – a corporation can enter into agreements with others, it can hold assets in the company’s name, and it can sue and be sued

Our lawyers will guide you through the entire incorporation process. We will work with other professionals, such as accountants and financial advisors to ensure your business goals and needs are met.

The Basic Steps to Incorporate in BC:

  • Choosing and reserving a business name
  • Establishing and completing the necessary documentation
  • Filing the incorporation application

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