Buying or Selling a Business

At Jiwa Law Corporation, we understand that buying or selling your business is a major decision.  Whether you are choosing to buy or sell, we know a lot of time, energy and money is going to be spent on the transaction.

It is imperative you have the right professionals guiding you through the process. Our lawyers are here to assist you with:

  • structuring the transaction;
  • working with other professionals (accountants, valuators, financial advisors, lenders, etc.);
  • performing due diligence;
  • negotiating and drafting legal agreements;
  • advising on risks;
  • closing procedures; and
  • much more.

We understand that all businesses are unique, therefore the process of each transaction is going to vary. Sometimes the deal may be simple, and other times it may be much more involved. Whatever the case may be, the general process you can expect in a buy/sale of a business is as follows:

  • the buyer and seller discuss the potential deal;
  • the structure is determined, which means if the assets or shares of the business will be bought;
  • ascertaining the business valuation and agreeing upon a price;
  • deciding upon key terms and conditions;
  • entering into a purchase and sale agreement;
  • conducting due diligence; and
  • completion.

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