Independent Legal Advice

Some spouses may be presented with a marriage agreement, cohabitation agreement, or separation agreement. This could happen at any stage in your relationship – whether you just moved in together or are in the middle of divorce proceedings.

It is in everyone’s best interest to reach an agreement outside the courtroom and avoid costly litigation. However, it is also important that the process is fair for both partners. This involves full disclosure and ample opportunity for each side to negotiate. It is especially important that both partners are represented by their own lawyers during these negotiations.

You should never feel pressured to sign an agreement, purely for the sake of avoiding conflict. Even if an agreement is not prepared by a lawyer, both spouses should obtain independent legal advice to help understand their legal rights and how these rights may be affected by the terms of the agreement.

At Jiwa Law Corporation, our family lawyers can help ensure your rights are protected. We can provide you with honest, straightforward advice. If necessary, we can provide further services and advocate for you in a way that is cost and time-efficient.

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