Mediation & Arbitration

It is in everyone’s best interest to avoid excessive conflict and costly litigation. Jiwa Law Corporation is a results-oriented law firm. Our experienced family lawyers develop strategic plans that are time and cost-efficient.

We understand the court proceedings can be expensive, time-consuming, stressful, and frustrating. If it is possible to settle or agree on any legal issues without involving the Court, our lawyers can make that happen. This could involve negotiations and drafting agreements. It could also involve facilitating alternative dispute resolution processes, such as a mediation or arbitration.

Mediation in BC Family Law

Mediation is a process where both parties get together to try to resolve their disputes. It involves a neutral mediator, who guides the discussion in a way that helps parties explain their interests and reach a mutually agreeable resolution. Mediators don’t make any decisions and will not “judge” how a problem should be solved. If both parties are able to resolve one or more disputes in the mediation, an agreement can be prepared to ensure the resolution is upheld.

This process can be a preferable way to resolve problems because it saves time and money, while also putting the power back in your hands. It requires both parties to be on a level playing field and open to collaboration and compromise.

Arbitration in BC Family Law

An arbitration is similar to a trial in court. They are useful when parties cannot agree on an issue and want a neutral person to decide without dealing with court proceedings. It can be quicker and more flexible than a full-blown trial and the proceedings can be completely confidential.

An arbitrator can be a lawyer or a retired judge and they can make an arbitration award at the conclusion of the proceedings. An arbitration award can be filed with the BC Supreme Court and will have the same effect as a court order.

It is recommended that you consult a lawyer before engaging in an arbitration or a mediation. The lawyers at Jiwa Law Corporation are experienced litigators and can help you decide whether an arbitration or a mediation is a strategic option. If so, we will advocate for your best interests throughout the process.

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