The offence of mischief is found under section 430 of the Criminal Code. Mischief refers to the intentional damage or interference with someone’s property or with someone who is using the property. A person may also be charged with mischief for interference with computer data, such as a computer hacker.

The punishment for mischief varies depending on whether the act caused danger to someone’s life or the value of the property. However, mischief relating to religious property, educational institutions, public areas (e.g. town hall, community centre, playgrounds), and retirement homes will likely result in more serious consequences regardless of their value.

Given the broad definition of mischief, there are many different acts that can make up a mischief charge. Some examples include keying a car, throwing a rock through a window, graffiti, high school pranks, and damaging your partner’s belongings following a dispute.

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