Contracts & Disputes

A written contract regarding a real estate purchase or sale must be properly formed like any other agreement. It should outline all the terms and conditions that relate to the intended transaction and account for matters that may occur. Some issues we see as lawyers is when a contract does not provide for adequate holdbacks for deficiencies, or certain “subject-to” conditions are not properly drafted or are completely left out. Obtaining legal services in the beginning stages of a real estate transaction is important as it will allow your interests to be properly documented. Speak to our real estate lawyers today to obtain legal advice regarding your contract.

Disputes: Sometimes a party may breach the contractual terms in a contract causing damages to flow from a breach. Or a party may unintentionally cause the other party to believe that a breach is going to occur. Whatever the case may be, if you are facing a dispute due to a breach of contract, it is in your best interest to seek timely legal advice. Contact us so our team can protect your interests immediately.

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