Sexual Assault

Most people tend to associate a sexual assault charge with rape by a stranger in a random attack. However, much like assaults, sexual assault can be defined as any type of physical contact or behavior that is sexual in nature without the consent of the complainant.

Typically, in sexual assault cases, the accused and the complainant already know each other (e.g. married, co-workers, or strangers who connected after a night out). Regardless of the nature of the relationship, most sexual assault charges arise from the complainant saying they did not consent to the specific sexual activity in question.

In most sexual assault cases, the evidence against the accused is nothing more than the statement of the complainant. Therefore, if the complainant is believed by the trial judge, it will be enough to support a conviction.  Accordingly, counsel for the accused will be focused on finding a way to discredit the complainant’s testimony.

A sexual assault charge nears the top of the list when it comes to serious criminal offences. Simply being accused of a sexual offence has the ability to ruin your personal and professional life and a conviction can result in serious criminal consequences. If you are being accused of sexual assault, contact counsel immediately to help you navigate through the criminal justice system and to help resolve your matter.

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