Family Feud: Top 8 Things To Have Before Asking for a Divorce

As I was watching one of America’s hottest game shows hosted by Steve Harvey, an interesting question came up for the feuding families.     They asked 100 people to name the top 8 things to have before asking your spouse for a divorce.

And the survey said…

  1. A Good Lawyer
  2. Cash/Swiss Account
  3. Place to Crash
  4. A Reason
  5. A Prenup
  6. Body Armour/Cup
  7. Life Insurance
  8. Divorce Papers

Perhaps Canadians would have some different answers.

Regardless, please don’t get your divorce advice from Steve Harvey and Family Feud.  The best answer is to get some sound legal advice if you are considering separating or divorcing from your spouse.

Jiwa Law Corporation has experienced family law lawyers to guide you through the actual top things to consider before asking for a divorce in BC.

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