Collaborative Family Law

The Collaborative Process is a way to resolve disputes without going to Court. Unlike traditional divorce or separation proceedings, both spouses work together to come up with their own solutions.

Typically, the Collaborative Process begins when each spouse and their lawyers sign a Participation Agreement, committing to the process and agreeing not to go to Court. If spouses eventually decide to go to court, they both have to hire new lawyers and cannot use any information revealed during the Collaborative Process.

Our Collaborative Divorce Lawyers will walk you through the process and advise you on any legal issues arising from your separation and divorce. This can include planning for child support, spousal support, parenting arrangements, and how to divide the family property. Instead of court proceedings, we will facilitate four-way meetings, where both spouses can speak freely to resolve any relevant issues.

Our lawyers can also connect with other professionals, such as divorce coaches, financial advisors, and child specialists, to build a team dedicated to helping both spouses find creative solutions out of court.

Once all issues have been resolved, we will prepare a separation agreement to ensure all resolutions will be upheld. If spouses are looking to divorce, the separation agreement can be filed with the divorce application at the BC Supreme Court for an uncontested divorce judgment.

In the right circumstances, the Collaborative Process can save a great deal of time, expenses, and stress. Contact Jiwa Law Corporation to consult with one of our Collaborative Family Lawyers.

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